Perazzi HPX Legend

This new addition to the renowned HPX series represents a paradigm shift in shotgun design, offering shooters an unparalleled experience in terms of sight picture, gunfit, and overall performance. The HPX Legend pushes the boundaries of innovation, ensuring that shooters can "See it better. Hit it better."

Perazzi HPX Legend

Sight Picture Revolution:

The Perazzi HPX Legend takes a revolutionary approach to sight picture, particularly with its UK-based tuning and gunfit service. ‘Legends’ are typically built on the reliable MX8 action; other actions are also available, including small gauges. One of the standout features is the enhanced sight picture, allowing shooters to see more rib and less action without compromising the point of impact (POI).
To achieve this, the HPX Legend boasts a uniquely raised rib with a polished ramp, strategically delaying the start of the rib in the shooter's vision. The result is a clearer sight picture that enables quicker target acquisition and improved overall accuracy. The barrel options, typically 33 inches in length for both Game and Competition models, further contribute to the superior sight picture offered by the HPX Legend.

Customization Tailored to You:

The HPX Legend caters to individual preferences through its customizable features. The barrel weight varies depending on the shooter's choice, ensuring a personalized shooting experience. The chokes, available as either fixed or aftermarket Thinwall, provide flexibility without compromising the shotgun's weight.
The tuned trigger is a work of precision, with internal components undergoing fine gunsmithing to eliminate unnecessary play and deliver crisper pulls. The tuned trigger pull enhances the shooter's control and responsiveness.

Tailored Stock and Balanced Design:

Our UK-based gunfit service ensures that the stock is tailored to match different styles for both Game and Competition models. With three typical grip styles/sizes available, shooters can find the perfect fit for their hands.
To complement the final barrel weights, taking into account any modifications such as multichoking, the stock is carefully balanced in the UK. This attention to detail ensures optimal handling and comfort for the shooter, contributing to the overall performance of the HPX Legend.

Effortless Customization:

Shooters can choose from a variety of stock options, ensuring that the HPX Legend truly becomes a personalized extension of the shooter.


The starting price for the Perazzi HPX Legend is based on a typical configuration: Black action MX8 HPX with SC2 wood, featuring a 33-inch barrel.

Prices starting from: £14,550.00

Display and Demonstrator Guns:

For those eager to experience the perfection of the HPX Legend firsthand, we have two display guns in our Tunbridge Wells gunroom. These guns will showcase the pinnacle of shotgun engineering, allowing shooters to feel the precision and innovation that define the HPX brand. We also have a demonstrator Legend that is available to shoot now.

The Perazzi HPX Legend is not just a shotgun; it's a work of art meticulously crafted to elevate the shooting experience. With its groundbreaking approach to sight picture, customizable features, and meticulous attention to detail, the HPX Legend represents the future of shotgun design. "See it better. Hit it better." — the mantra of the HPX Legend, ensuring that every shot is a testament to precision and perfection.

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